Advantage Converting offers custom, continuous die cutting for fast, economical, and environmentally friendly production. Send us your most complex die cut project, and we can provide the highest quality and fastest turnaround in the industry with the most advanced equipment and techniques. If the machine you need doesn’t exist, we can build and implement new equipment for your project.

Our experts can create custom dies for any product, including spacers, shims, EMI shields, insulators, conductive parts, thermal products, stickers, labels, masking devices, gaskets, seals, polishing pads, rings, test strips, inserts, reflectors, tear tabs, indicators, washers, and markers.

To manufacture these products, we offer a wide range of advanced die cutting techniques, customized to meet your volume and application needs.


Rotary Die Cutting
Flat-bed Die Cutting
Automated Flat-bed Die Cutting
Flat-bed Pouch Cutting & Sealing
Kiss Cut Die Cutting
Multi-level Die Cutting
Island Placement


Rotary die cutting is a great option for parts that require extremely high precision and close tolerance, and we recommend rotary die cutting for large quantity runs. Our experienced staff has developed innovative processes to ensure the highest quality products using the most efficient rotary die cut methods.

By using multiple die cut stations, we have the ability to produce complex laminated die cut parts. We can add liners, interleafing, and pressure sensitive adhesives to the rotary die cutting process to meet your specific part requirements. Rotary dies can also be supplied as air-eject or vacuum for eliminating slugs and chads from finished parts.

Our rotary die services include Kiss Cut, Island Placement, Multi-Station Die Cutting, Single Color Printing, Perforations, Scores, and Slitting.


For thicker materials and low production runs, Advantage Converting offers the most sophisticated flat bed die cutting techniques. These techniques include steel rule die cutting, magnetic die cutting, engraved die cutting, and class-A male/female die cutting. Our die cutting size capabilities range from the very small to as large as 48” x 72”.

For higher quantity runs, Advantage Converting recommends automated flat bed die cutting. We can provide die cut parts as individual pieces or wound onto a roll.

We also offer flat bed heat sealing to automate any pouching or thermal sealing.


Advantage Converting combines our expertise in state-of-the-art rotary and punch press die cutting technology with our clean room capabilities to create high-quality, cost-effective solutions for the medical industry.

These solutions range widely from drug delivery and sterile surgical components to intricate wearable devices and sophisticated wound care products.

As a reliable partner in material selection and design solution, as well as our dedication to following strict ISO clean room procedures, Advantage Converting guarantees the highest level of quality and unmatched precision. Clean room manufacturing is available for all converted goods.


Advanced Wound Care
Diagnostic test strips
Absorbent pads
Filtration Products
Spacers & Washers


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