We admit, converting can be a broad and sometimes confusing topic. You’re not alone in thinking this way! Here is what we hope will be a helpful explanation of what we do, if you have any questions about converting, please contact us!

Converting is a unique and complex process that combines flexible materials such as foams, plastics, and foils into new products. This is often done through roll-to-roll manufacturing.

Materials are unrolled and processed through specific machines (such as printing, die-cutting, laminating, and slitting machines) in long, continuous sheets.

Then we heat, cut, slit, print, or laminate the materials, converting them into an intermediate or final form.

These sheets are then re-rolled in another machine for easy handling and transportation. This is where we get the name “Roll-to-Roll,” where materials begin in one roll and end in another. This method allows for efficient, continuous production.


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